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Lunes, 06 de Marzo de 2017 13:56
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People from different walks of life in the Netherlands gathered yesterday in Amsterdam to remember the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez on the marking of the fourth anniversary of his passing. 
The new Chargé D'affaires from the Venezuelan Embassy in the Netherlands, Álvaro Sánchez, welcomed the audience to the International Institute of Research and Education (IIRE) where the event was held, and appreciated their commitment and love for Chávez and Venezuela. 
Following Sanchez's welcoming words, the film My Friend Hugo, by Oliver Stone, was screened, and soon after a discussion about Venezuelan current events took place.
"Precisely right after the death of Hugo Chávez, a whole process of destabilisation, sabotage and violence,  fueled by the opposition  and financed from abroad, re-emerged in Venezuela, and it has hit our economy very hard", said Sánchez.  
Many other people voiced their opinion and support for Chávez.
Also, Venezuelans from the opposition turned up at the event and expressed their point of view.
Press Office of the Venezuelan Embassy in the Netherlands. 


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